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Measure to deal with Anything.
What you cannot measure, you cannot manage.

What is Love? Love & Live: Love Hate Calculator

Patented "Love - Hate calculator" Know if he/she loves you. Love quotes, Love Stories

United Theory of Love. The single meaning of love and hate that is true for all humans, pets, things, causes and spirits as God. Measure to handle your life and love.

Love is an emotion everyone experiences and wants more of - be it with your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, causes, pets, relatives, siblings, parents, children, factors and spirits like God or Life.

The male has landed on the moon and also hit mars but it's shocking which nobody have been equipped to provide an acceptable meaning of love which may be consistently applied in any relationship. Man has measured virtually everything including subjective things like beauty, depression, happiness, value of manufacturer, goodwill, and so on although no one knows the reason one loves or perhaps hates someone or something and just how much!

We do not have any definitive answers on how to attract someone to really like you. No one has provided some convincing answers to the way you can possibly attract love or perhaps have much more love for something or someone.

Vijay Shankar Sharma, the inovative author of "What is Love? Formulation for most Relationships" says, "A heart full of love is the treasure most precious." He's put forward a single theory of love as well as a definition which applies to love in each relationship, including love for pets, causes, spirits or objects. It's known as. TAB (Blame and Trouble) Theory of Love.

This amazing and revolutionary App based in his book helps you develop healthier and better relationships with your family and the many people you are concerned about the most. Additionally, it helps the readers understand the theory to create stronger and much longer lasting relationships. You will be able to get every question on love or perhaps hate answered. You will be able to measure your hate or love and exchange the scores of yours with others in everything with actionable insights for getting love and following a much better, even more enriching life.

The ebook "What is Love? Formula for those Relationships - Unified Theory" is available around the world in print and eBook formats. The author takes the readers on an epic adventure of relationships and love with his revolutionary and unique theory. With this publication, the writer has developed a quantifiable measurement to evaluate hate or love and the factors involved in building better and stronger relationships. The author, with his revolutionary and unique book have assertions that, "none of the very few additional theories of love actually proposed come even remotely around the theory I offer in this particular publication, in terms of simplicity, predictability, quantifiability, applicability, then practicality". There are mobile apps depending on the theory that can be purchased on App Store and Play Store. These Apps enable the user quickly understand the theory and also calculate his love for all. The person can save the scores over time & exchange scores with others therefore both equally know how to focus on the relationship so it will be more loving.

Purchase your copy now or even download this super amazing plus interactive app to understand and quantify the love.


Allows you to create healthier and improved relationships with your loved one.

Understand the unconditional love along with all the internal and external attributes affecting your relationship

This particular e-book is available Relationship around the world in print and eBook formats

Integrated with TAB - Love & Hate calculator

The TAB love hate calculator will be the first and only objective calculator which could calculate your love for virtually any person or perhaps non persons in the life of yours.

The TAB calculator also is enriched on calculating your dislikes and likes

Perfect blend of composition and words with Vijay S. Sharma's unique model of writing.

What's Love? Formula for all Relationships with the TAB Theory of Love is just one and just book and App which you will need. It will help you understand "LOVE" together with all its characteristics.

Purchase the print or kindle book as well as download the App for iOS and Android today.

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