Kenmore Washing Machine Suspension & Shock Absorption Parts

The purpose of a MacPherson strut, much like a shock absorber, is to dampen harsh spring movement and provide a means of dissipating the motion of the wheels. NOTE: If wheel is removed from spindle for any ‘reason and new oil seal is not installed, push inner bearing cone into seal before reinstalling wheel on spindle , to avoid damaging the seal packing. I apply silicone grease to the area in the control arm where the spring sits during assembly.

Once the spring is compressed sufficiently to remove the pressure against the top plate, remove the large centre nut. Replacing or servicing the entire CV joint axle assembly may be the smarter move since replacing a boot may involve removing an axle, which may also involve removing half or all of the vehicle's brakes and suspension.

After the ball joints are loose, (again assuming that the whole front end assembly is removed from the car) unscrew the ball joint nuts so that there is about a half nuts worth of threads holding it on. Remove the top and bottom bolts holding the inner ends of the ‘A' arms to the crossmember.

If you don't want to rent or borrow these, you may have to remove the lower control arm and have the new joints pressed in at a machine shop. Remove the spring from the vehicle. Leaf springs were first used on horse-drawn carriages and were found on most American automobiles until 1985.

Replacing suspension springs can be challenging, as involves making sure all power from the car is disconnected and that the proper tools are used. If the rear suspension assembly is out of the car, just remove the cotter pin and unscrew the nut on the end of the long link bolt.

Anytime a spring wears out sooner than it should, the vehicle will display a few Suspension Disassembly common side effects , including the vehicle leaning to one side or a rough ride. Once the 21mm nut is removed, the rubber spring cushion and washer should be removed. Once the front lower control arms are removed we'll move to the rear.

6-18) then remove lower control arm assembly from frame front cross member. Air-assist shocks have an adjustable air bladder that acts like a spring to carry extra weight. OTC's Ford Ball Joint Remover tool. A rear shock absorber can be removed by disconnecting link from shock absorber arm, and removing shock absorber from brake backing plate after removal of brake drum.

17: On the lower control arm, remove the rubber bumper and mounting plate. Replacement of other bushings depends on the age of the car, road conditions, driver's habits, etc. Unscrew bushings and remove shaft from control arm. This gets particularly tricky in the case of a front-wheel-drive car, where the wheels are steering the vehicle as well.

With the spring unloaded at both ends, the spring can be removed from the differential housing. Before you can remove any coil spring from its mounting point on a vehicle or on a strut, it must be clamped down to a shorter height. You should not be able to move the spring once you've attached the lower control arm.

I remove the lower ball joint grease fitting to allow the wood to sit flat on the ball joint. Remember the coil spring will be pushing down on the control arm with tension. You'll probably need to remove the brake disc and caliper to get to the fastener between the ball joint and the bottom of the strut or upright-but maybe not.

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